On-Line Applications

In this page you find some on-line applications of my previous researches in Text Mining field. Even, you find some other interesting applications in computer science.

Arabic Stemming

For further details about the Arabic light stemmer and how it works, check out the technical article.

IMPORTANT: You should put each word to be stemmed in a single line. Otherwise, if you put two or more words in a single line, then they will be considered as a single word.


Language Identification

For further details about the algorithms and how they work, check out the technical articles describing them (refer to publications).

NOTE: the available algorithms are featured with only 32 languages of the DLI32 dataset (French, English, Arabic, Russian, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Persian, Chinese, Turkish, Finnish, Hebrew, Roman, Latin, Polish, Swedish, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Irish, Icelandic, Czech, Albanian, Portuguese and Urdu).